Transportation system is a dynamic system. Information about traffic must be regularly updatedto keep pace with ever-changing transportation needs. Data must be collected and analyzedsystematically to get representative information.Traffic surveys are the means of obtaining information about traffic. This is a systematic way ofcollecting data to be used for various traffic engineering purposes.

Intersection counts are taken to determine vehicle classifications, through movements, and turning movements at intersections. These data are used mainly in determining phase lengths and cycle times for signalized intersections, in the design of channelization at intersections, and in the general design of improvements to intersections. Intersection design including minimum turning path, channelization, flaring, traffic control devices viz. traffic signs, markings, signals based on volume and turning proportions.

RSM expertise in processing intersection counts with large volumes of data across global locations. All the classifications of vehicle movements as well as pedestrian and bicycles passing through the intersection are collected either using videography/ Manual methods. Our Turning Movement Count or Intersection Count gives highly accurate data for the number of straight, left-turn, right-turn and U-turn movements for each leg of the intersection. We are processing complex junctions for 12hrs, 24hrs and 48hrs.

The turning movement volumes recorded for each of the 15 minutes intervals were aggregated to arrive at hourly traffic volumes by each class of vehicles and the hourly volumes are furtherly useful to getting PCU counts and aggregate to arrive at daily flows of vehicles.