IPT & Commuter surveys are done with basically 3 types of vehicles which are fast moving (cars, 2 wheelers), slow-moving (cycle, animal-drawn vehicles) and the third category is the intermediate vehicles(Auto.etc). Also called as Paratransit vehicles, these are motorized vehicles of innovative designs, small in size, efficient in fuel consumption & reasonably fast. Paratransit vehicles include short trips and feeder to mass public transit, provide mobility in absence of public transport and act as an employment source for the poor.

Transportation survey is conducted to know the loopholes in the existing system and find appropriate solutions for the same to be applied in the future. Similarly, the aim of IPT Survey is to know the operational and user characteristics of the present system, identify the problems, issues and suggest policies and strategies for solving the problems in the future

Basically, RSM does 2 types of surveys for IPT studies:

  1. User survey – This includes the public that uses IPT
  2. Operator Survey – This includes the IPT drivers

RSM surveyed Primary data can be used to evaluate the flaws in the present IPT system, desires of the operator and users and how to overcome them in the future. Whereas, secondary data is collected for the existing and previous transportation plan to see how far they meet the desired objectives.