The origin-destination survey is carried out with the primary objective of studying the travel pattern of passenger and goods traffic along the study corridor. The results of this survey form a useful input for estimating the growth rates for traffic projections, identification of toll plaza location and planning for toll collection system.

RSM conducts Origin& Destination survey by roadside interview method, the data is collected by using Separate forms for passenger vehicles, goods vehicles and for buses.

The format used for OD survey includes the following information

• Type of vehicle
• Vehicle registration number
• Origin and destination of a trip
• Trip purpose
• Trip Lengths
• No of Passengers
• Commodity type
• Frequency of trips

For conducting a field survey

a) Choosing a proper place on the ground at the survey location to facilitate the positioning of enumerators and facilities to carry out the survey in the evenings/early hours/night and convenient for stopping the vehicles on the roadside for conducting the interviews.

b)The vehicles are stopped on a random sample basis with the help of a traffic police. Designated trained enumerators to interview the traffic and enter the data in the well-designed format.

c) Wherever required lighting facilities are organized for the conduct of the surveys in dark hours.

The steps involved in the planning of the surveys are undertaken by approaching the police having jurisdiction over the area in which the survey stations are located, visiting the sites contacting the road owning agencies like PWD, R&B, NHAI etc. and carefully analyzing the safety and security while conducting the surveys
After checking for errors, the corrected-D data has been analyzed to study the type of occupancy pattern, average payload, trip lengths, commodity Distribution etc.