Parking is one of the major issues that is created by the increasing road traffic. It is an impact of transport development. The availability of less space in urban areas has increased the demand for parking space. On-street especially in areas like Central business district, this affects the mode choice also. This has a great economic impact RSM does parking studies both on-street and off-street using either Manual/video that helps to identify the existing issues/concerns and identify the demand and capacity of parking. RSM parking data is helpful to our clients for a detailed report on Parking accumulation, Parking volume, Parking load, Average parking duration, Parking turnover, Parking index etc.


In many urban centers, some areas are exclusively allotted for parking which will be at some distance away from the mainstream of traffic. Such parking is referred to as off- street parking. They may be operated by either public agencies or private firms.

RSM usesCordon Count method for OFF street parking. This method consists of registering the vehicles entering and exiting the parking facility. Such counts are collected over required times split for every 15minutes intervals. This methodology consists of noting down the types of vehicles entering the facility and their respective registration plates. This information would help in determining total vehicles parked, their duration and accumulation respectively.


On street parking means the vehicles are parked on the sides of the street itself. Which will be usually controlled by government agencies itself
RSM conducts on street parking survey using patrolling method. In this method enumerator would walk down the stretch collecting the vehicular license plate information of the vehicles parked at road sides. The data collected over required times split for every 15minutes intervals,such data is useful to analyze parking demand, accumulation and duration.