Pedestrian count data are used frequently in planning applications. pedestrian counts are made at proposed pedestrian facilities and at intersections, subway stations, midblock crossings, and crosswalks. These counts can be used for crash analysis, capacity analysis, and determining minimum signal timings at signalized intersections.

Generally, pedestrian facility demands influent by the nature of the local community, car ownership, land use activities, safety & security of walk etc. RSM usually do Pedestrian counts survey using either video/manual methods taken at intersection crosswalks, midblock crossings, or along sidewalks.

The observer records the direction of each pedestrian crossing the roadway.

The main objective of Pedestrian count survey is to assess the pedestrian flow along and across the intersecting arm at the important junction and mid blocks to suggest improvement for safe movement of pedestrians.

Pedestrians constitute an essential element of downtown traffic. Special pedestrian surveys need to be conducted when the offset passes by such locations, e.g., school, Hospitals, well, etc. on one side of offset and the village on the other side, to decide the provisions of appropriate crossings, such as subway.