Public transport studies play a significant role in extracting detailed report on the usage patterns of public transport. These surveys are conducted on all modes of public transport including trains.

RSM Infra gives information about the passenger boarding and alighting, running times, exit times, occupancy, user opinions/willingness to pay different services through this survey. It also gives a detailed report of passengers entering and exiting a Bus stand or a Railway station at any given time. We attain this manually or use videos for extracting the required information

Boarding & Alighting survey

The designed format for carrying out the Bus On-Board surveys. Enumerators are stationed at the front and rear gates of the bus, counting the total number of passengers boarding and alighting at each of the three identified points of boarding and alighting as follows schedule stop, Request stop, Intersection..etc.

Vehicle Occupancy Survey

RSM Infra provides the data by manual observation technique and/or by recording the numbers of passengers including the driver in a vehicle. These surveys include different data collections like Registration Number Plate, Time of Arrival, Departure time etc. The occupants’ classification can be varied depending upon the client’s requirement.

User opinion/ Willingness to pay is conducted in bus/rail to study the user perception towards the existing infrastructure, recommendations about the facilities, willingness to pay for filling in the current inadequacies, and their opinion to shift to alternative mode.

The collected data is analyzed to determine the common perception of the existing facilities and suggestions for improvement. This data is also cross-checked with the data from the primary and secondary analysis to ensure consistency. For example, Suggestions for improving existing public transportation facilities:

If there is utmost demand for improving the connectivity, then current accessibility along with the bus transfers experienced by the passenger in the existing scenario is considered.