A roundabout is a circular structure in the road at a place where several roads meet. The movements of vehicles within a roundabout in a country can be either clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction according to the direction of traffic whether it drives left or right. Roundabout count, describes the total turning movement volume (TMV) of a roundabout, detailing the entry, circulating and exit flow rate for each roundabout leg. To find out the capability and performance efficiency of different roundabout approaches, the roundabout data can be used.

It is important to know the number of vehicles making each turning movement, to determine whether a roundabout or an intersection would work best in a particular location or not.RSM expertise in processing Roundabout counts with large volumes of data across global locations. All the classifications of vehicle movements passing through the Roundabout are captured. We process the total turning movement volume (TMV) of a roundabout with details of entry and exit and movement inside the roundabout for each leg. Our team is expert in analyzing 3-Arms, 4-Arms, 5-Arms roundabout videos.

We are also tracking vehicles movement in roundabout using multiple cameras. Traditionally, vehicles are tracked from entering the roundabout through circulation until they exit. For roundabout counts, high definition cameras are used for extracting the digital number manually or automatically.