safety surveys can be used to review or ascertain existing Road Signage/Road Markings, Traffic Violations, road accidents, and driver, passenger and pedestrian behavior, such as seat belt wearing, mobile phone usage, helmet utilization, signal crossing utilization, illegal parking’s, misuse of lanes presence of young children, baby capsule utilization etc..

Road Signage/Road Markings

Entry/Exit from private properties, side roads, service roads often the to impede smooth vehicular movement in addition to endangering the operational safety of the road as a whole. Appropriate and practical treatment to ensure controlled entry/exit at these locations will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of a roadway

RSM infra shall collect data regarding existing Road Signs installed at all appropriate locations. Basically, Road signs are classified into three categories: Mandatory/Regulatory signs, Cautionary/Warning signs, and informatory signs. It is recommended that signs near schools should be installed on the lighting system priority basis. All the traffic signs should be facilitated as per the guidelines provided Centerline publication 67-2001 “Code of Practice for Road Signs”.

The following road markings are proposed for all the major roads in Faridabad:
• Centerline
• Traffic lane lines
• Stop lines
• Pedestrian crossings
• Word messages
• Parking space limits
• Kerb marking for visibility
• Obstruction marking

Traffic Violations

RSM surveyors potholes reports on a Signal jump, Lane crossing, Access or leave parking, Overtaking, U-turns, Standing on a dual carriageway, Occupants exit at the intersection, vehicle conflicts, Opposite driving, etc. A traffic violation is a violation of the law, committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion.

Road Accident studies

The problem of the accident is a very acute in highway transportation due to complex flow pattern of vehicular traffic, the presence of mixed traffic along with pedestrians. Traffic accident leads to loss of life and property. Road accidents cannot be totally prevented but by suitable traffic engineering and management, the accident rate can be reduced to a certain extent. For this reason, systematic study of traffic accidents is required to be carried out. Proper investigation of the cause of, the accident will help to propose preventive measures in terms of design and control.

RSM provides survey data about various causes of road accidents

  1. Road Users - Excessive speed and rash driving, violation of traffic rules, failure to perceive traffic situation or sign or signal in adequate time, carelessness, fatigue, alcohol, sleep etc.
  2. Vehicle - Defects such as failure of brakes, steering system, tireburst, lightingsystem.
  3. Road Condition - Skidding road surface, pot holes, ruts.
  4. Road design - Defective geometric design like inadequate sight distance, inadequate width of shoulders, improper curve design, improper traffic control devices and improper lighting.
  5. Environmental factors -unfavorable weather conditions like mist, snow, smoke and heavy rainfall which restrict normal visibility and makes driving unsafe.
  6. Street Lighting - Inadequate or insufficiently maintained street lighting contributes to poor road safety and area patronage, while encouraging crime and vandalism.
  7. Other causes -Improper location of advertisement boards, gate of level crossing not closed when required etc..