speed and delay survey is to know the prevailing travel speed on the road network. This survey is important in measuring delays and degree of congestion with reference to time of the day, location, duration or the magnitude as well as the frequency with which such delays occur. Another important aspect of this study is the measurement of spatial separation in terms of travel time between different zones of the city. The data analysis would result in journey speed, running speed and delay with associated cause on each link of the comprehensive road network in the study area.

RSM conducts Speed and Delay survey using either Floating car check method OR GPS instruments selected major corridors in the study area and make two round trips one each during peak and off-peak periods according to the direction.

Floating car check method

identifies journey & running time, number of vehicles overtaking the test vehicle, number of vehicles overtaken by test vehicle, number of vehicles in opposite direction to the test vehicle. This study is to evaluate the quality of traffic movement along a road network and determine the cause and extent of delays of the test vehicle.

GPS Instrument Method

Records the speed profiles of the vehicles along the corridor. The information collected from the field studies will have the following outputs:
· Average Journey Speeds and Running speeds along the corridors.
· Average Journey Speeds and Running Speeds along the links between the intersections.
· Delays at intersections, other locations and reasons causing these delays.